Pearl Block is a set of six superior quality, 3-bedroom townhomes located in Victoria’s vibrant Oaklands neighborhood.

Situated in a generally more traditional neighbourhood, Aryze commissioned Studio Roslyn to develop a voice in terms of their homeowner’s aesthetic + lifestyle. Understanding this story took the form of a branding exercise that first manifested as a physical shop. A home store was created, outfitted with a collection of eclectic and vintage items to allow the community to relate and to bring nostalgic cues ahead of the project. Our team built a catalogue and library of beautiful products and furniture that resonated with the Aryze brand and spoke to who their homebuyer is, providing a conceptual foundation and creative direction for Aryze to take forward for years to come.

This consideration of furniture, accessories, and art offered a natural continuation from home store to interior. Complete with handmade ceramics and artwork featured by Zoƫ Palwak, the final interior styling spoke as though someone was truly living in the home. We developed a long-lasting language with nothing too trendy, transitional offerings to span architecture and neighbourhoods.

Eclectic, warm, and minimal, with layers of textures and interests, the Aryze homeowner is well-traveled, sophisticated, and has a deep love of items of virtue. Whether by way of the architecture of the home or the items placed within, Aryze embodies what it means to live well.


Victoria, BC




Aryze Developments


Jody Beck + Ema Peters


D'Arcy Jones Architects