Commissioned by respected Vancouver developer Mosaic Homes, we were challenged with redefining and elevating the concept of a show suite to align with their culture of design innovation. Working from a blank slate, we began the process by searching for an authentic narrative and project muse that transcends the usual tropes of real estate marketing and development. What we developed was a buyer sketch that sought to reach beyond the usual buyer profile suspects—In this case, downsizers looking for simpler, and sunnier, pastures. What we settled upon was a thoroughly modern take on the retiree, one that needs a little bit less space, have a few less kids around, knows a thing or two about art and design and still works hard to keep their bodies feeling young. 

The space that we’ve developed for the model home reflects this: A sumptuous home bar with capacity for more than your average golden hour G&T, a curated selection of diverse artwork and curios lining the walls and nestled in storage nooks, a design-minded home gym that looks just as good as it performs. A dedicated space for well-honed crafting and making activities. Room for entertaining and hosting overnight guests. Technology integrated throughout the home. We wanted to craft a space that reflected a new normal for what an ‘empty nest’ can be.

Throughout the space, we reflected the usage and programming of each room within the home. Soft and inviting pastel tones in the more intimate living spaces, balanced by punchier and richer colours in active spaces like the bar and home gym. The artwork is an eclectic mix of vintage, contemporary and collage work which tells the story of a lifetime of discovery and collecting. Similarly, the mix of furniture echoes a balance of vintage and antique with sharp and contemporary. These elements, combined with the thoughtful architectural and design details of the home, sought to bring a layered and nuanced feel to the space, brimming with textures, colour and richness. Truly a reflection of the lives, past and present, of its ‘owners’.


Vancouver, BC






Mosaic Homes


Conrad Brown


GRAY Magazine Awards


Residential Interiors Finalists