Founded in 2014, STAY FRESH is a boutique and marketplace that specializes in premium sneakers, streetwear, accessories and collectables of the new and vintage variety. Specializing in limited release, highly sought-after items from brands like Supreme, Nike, Medicom, Yeezy, adidas, Air Jordan and many more, they have developed a curated collection of items that can fetch prices that are many times higher than their original retail value. Along with resales, the store also works in trades and consignments from their customers. With a growing retail presence in the Vancouver area and thriving online store, the new Richmond Centre location represents the brand’s flagship location and is the subject of Studio Roslyn’s first engagement with the STAY FRESH team.

Working together with the ownership team, we developed a minimalist design language for the space that brings the colourful, playful and highly desirable products into sharp reveal. Drawing inspiration from their practice of sheathing their wares in vacuum sealed plastic (to preserve freshness, obviously), we built out a flexible retail fixture program that echoes the industrialized, factory vibe with casework that is designed to look like vintage, commercial refrigerators and cold glass blocks throughout. Further reinforcing this is the centrepiece of the space—a conveyor belt where the product moves to the customer with a reassuring, clackety swoosh. The balance of the materials and finishing program continues this language with polished concrete, glass block, stainless and powder-coated steel.

The feeling of austerity is fully intentional, with contemporary lighting, polished concrete and angular fixtures echoing set design from science fiction and futurist fantasies from across the decades. Hypebeast meets Space Odyssey. All in the name of hyper-consumer, warp speed fashion trends. Just be careful not to scuff anything.


Richmond Centre, Richmond, BC






Conrad Brown


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