Located in the heart of Vancouver’s evolving Chinatown neighbourhood, Qali is a full service salon and hair extension studio that provides warm, approachable service, straight-forward pricing and natural, beautiful results. Founded by Janelle Bell, the company is serious about operating with integrity and sustainable practices inside an environment that is decidedly fun and unfussy.

Reflecting the upbeat energy of the company and its owner, our approach to the interior design was inspired by the heady days of 80s Miami—bright art deco architecture, sun-drenched beaches, vibrant colour, excess and glamour. Our intention was to create a space that takes the visitor to a different, dream-like time, place and era. While still retaining a sense of functionality and operative ease.

To maximize the effectiveness and utility of the interior, it was important for our team to define different spaces within the open area of the retail unit. These requirements included a reception area, lounge, communal work table, styling stations, consultation area, colour room and wash basins. We used different levels and types of lighting, along with partitions, interior windows and key furniture pieces, to create depth, warmth and differentiation between these areas and support their specific functional and social needs. A mix of curated vintage, utilitarian and contemporary furniture pieces create interest and usability.

The palette and materials used throughout the space are bright, eclectic and reflective of the key inspiration and reference points. Deadstock pink and green marble, glass block with dyed blue mortar, oak wood table tops and dowel details, custom sponge paint, splattered floors and hanging fringe elements come together to form a layered and detailed interior that is whimsical, a lot of fun and a slight bit mischievous.


Vancouver, BC






Lauren Zbarsky


Dezeen Awards - Longlisted




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